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Meet women who shine and have already shone

with Purpurina



Branding + Strategic Consultancy

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Purpurina created the new visual identity for the confectionery led by chef Alice Viali and provided brand repositioning consultancy. Services we provided for Yaga included diagnosis, narrative and editorial content creation for social media and marketing strategy analysis.


360° Communication Consultancy + Advisory


Nana Lacrima

We were responsible for the integrated communication planning of a series of releases by the artist based in Berlin. In addition to gaining prominence in nationally relevant media, the #PurpurinaTeam also worked on producing music videos and shows during Nana's tour in Brazil, taking care of strengthening the singer's image and strategic positioning at every stage.


Violet Lives

Our #PurpurinaTeam was involved in producing 31 illustrations for "Violet Lives: a game where women hold the cards",  created by research groups from the University of São Paulo (USP) and the University of Brasília (UNB) with the aim of educating and raising awareness about gender violence. In this project, we were responsible for the main cards, the violet lives, where we depicted inspirational women such as Maria da Penha, Nise da Silveira, Pagu, Angela Davis and Marta Silva.

joana darc



Luiza Borges

We created the visual identity and service page for the architect. Purpurina also handled the production of strategic and creative content for the professional's social media launch.


Branding + Website



Carolina goes to Malawi

We produced illustrations for the children's and young adult book "Carolina Goes to Malawi." The book, available for download on the Sustenidos website, is a collaboration between Project Guri, a sociocultural program supported by the São Paulo State Department of Culture and Economy, and MOVE (Musicians and Organizers Volunteer Exchange), a project for exchange and volunteer work among music organizations.





Institutional Storytelling + Branding


Alveare - Women's House

Purpurina was responsible for the institutional presentation and the creation of text and visual content for the social media assets of Alveare - Women's House, a women's health clinic in

Vitória, ES. Before starting the project, we immersed ourselves to understand the services offered by the clinic, define the presentation's goals, analyze the target audience and determine how information could be conveyed with credibility, empathy and professionalism.


UX Writing + Social Media


Pode Perguntar

The Pode Perguntar platform offers support and assistance to mothers during the breastfeeding and postpartum period through qualified information and personalized assistance from Madá, a free virtual assistant and health experts. The #PurpurinaTeam produced a photo shoot, illustrations for the platform's social media, and content for the project's Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Renata Bravo

Renata Bravo is a lawyer specializing in gender equality work and the author of the book "Femicide: Typification, Power, and Discourse." #TeamPurpurina provided communication advisory for the book launch and worked on enhancing the professional's image and authority in the media by placing articles and features in major national publications.

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Communication Advisory



For Mallu, Purpurina conducted the strategic communication planning for the release of the singles and music videos "Me pega" and "Meu corpo quer ser seu." We also managed media promotion and social media performance for the Rio de Janeiro singer, promoting her new work available on streaming platforms.

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Branding + Media and Performance + Social Media



audiovisual storytelling

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Marcela Rangel

Purpurina produced a series of videos and a photo shoot to tell the story of the poetry project "Dizer Poema," created by journalist and actress Marcela Rangel. Our services included treated photographs, production, script creation, filming, editing, treatment, and assembly for the artist.



Social Media +

Communication Advisory

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Anya Piffer

Purpurina took the lead in the editorial planning, creation of a brand persona, content production and the entire visual identity for the repositioning of the writer and energy therapist's image on social media. Additionally, we coordinated communication advisory for the author's book and the online launch strategy, including live events and pre-sale promotions.

of success

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We handled the storytelling for the debut album release of the duo! Some of the actions included press advisory, social media content, and physical and digital brand activations.

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For this clothing brand, we produced a complete visual identity manual with custom illustrations, in addition to coordinating launch events and photo shoots.

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Ecos de 1922 - CCBB

Purpurina managed the communication advisory for the exhibition in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, enabling interviews, sessions, and discussions for local media coverage.

Our Own Sparkle

Discover some of the internal communication, endomarketing, and social media activation initiatives created for Purpurina's own channels.

Labor Day

We used the occasion to launch a campaign about more gender equity and representation in the workplace.

Social Isolation

During the pandemic, we proposed reflections and moments of support to discuss the lack of physical contact in professional relationships to our #PurpurinaTeam.

Purpurina's Anniversary

We developed an exclusive comic as an institutional storytelling action to celebrate Purpurina's 3rd anniversary.


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